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Training and Information

Techpro Training Program

The ever evolving business of automotives offers a challenge for repair shops to keep current in information and technology. Improving and updating the skills of the Active Group's service centre customers is a necessary requirement. With this motivation, AGI offers its clientele the opportunity to take part in Techpro training.

With several courses offered each year, Techpro is a means to keep on top of changes in the industry. The training is geared specifically for technicians and owners and provides education at a reasonable cost. Training is held locally and hosted by trained Techpro trainers. See our calendar of events for the next scheduled training dates.  Sign up at least 2 weeks prior to the date.  Contact the Active Group For further information.

Example of recent training events:

       Ford Escape Operations & Diagnostics

       Toyota Prius Hybrid Operations & Diagnostics

Identifix Repair Hotline and Direct Hit

Identifix was founded in 1987 as a source for technicians to get assistance with a repair. Since then it has evolved into the best source for knowledge on what breaks, which vehicles it breaks on, and how to fix those vehicles correctly. This knowledge is derived from continual analysis of data gathered from nearly 250,000 calls received each year from technicians seeking assistance in diagnosing vehicle repair problems; a staff of 45+ factory certified, ASE master technicians; and the nation’s most comprehensive on-site library of factory vehicle service information.

When you need a second opinion, call the Identifix Repair Hotline™. It’s like hiring a specialist for EVERY make and supplying them with EVERY piece of data available to help your Technicians fix virtually ANY problem that comes into your shop.

Direct-Hit™ is our award winning online diagnostic information service. Direct-Hit is the only product that combines real world shortcut tests and quick fix information.

This is an easy to use program that will save both time and money.

Direct-Hit has a preventive maintenance program <http://www.identifix.com/info/pm.htm> that offers consumer-friendly reports to help sell preventive maintenance services by educating your customers on what needs to be done with an explanation of why each item is important. In addition, the preventive maintenance plan provides technicians with all the labour times and specifications needed to perform each preventive maintenance task in a separate easy-to-print report.

These programs, jointly or separately, are available at a reduced rate for the Active Group customers.

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