The Alberta Advantage

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The Alberta Advantage

The Active Group is positioned in the market to offer you the it's “Alberta Advantage”. As an Alberta owned and operated business, the Active Group has exclusively served the Alberta market since 1997 with a full line of automotive, heavy duty and industrial including agricultural parts and accessories.

Quality Parts, Readily Available

Largest member of the Uni-Select buying organization in Western Canada.                

Uni-Select is Canada’s largest automotive parts distribution company and the 5th largest in North America.  

Multiple warehouse locations with national brands, supported by a Canada wide warranty program.

Rapid Delivery

Largest automotive parts delivery fleet in Alberta

Technical Training

Tech Pro training and Identifix program

Sales Support

Dedicated sales force

Stocking programs

On going promotions

Preferred customer service

Business Support

"One Stop” and “Specialist” installer service bay management programs

Our mark on the Industry

Only independent jobber to service both key Alberta markets, Edmonton and



Industry advocate - actively supporting Canadian Independent Automotive         

Association (official parts supplier) and the Automotive Industry Association

(Right to Repair initiative)

Alberta Advantage
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